Dear LOTTO LTD. customer, gambling has become increasingly popular and is now an accepted part of everyday life. We at LOTTO LTD. are well aware that participation in any type of gambling may lead to serious problems. So in collaboration with well known addiction research institutes it is our aim to protect our customers through preventative and educational measures. We take this role very seriously because it is important to us that our customers gamble responsibly. We have taken considerable measures to ensure that our customers have trouble-free fun when gambling.

LOTTO LTD. does not allow anyone under 18 to play and uses strict measures to implement this policy. We also make sure that advertising and sponsoring does not cater to minors.
To ensure that minors do not log-in and play without your consent, we recommend the following guidelines:
- to use child proof software that prohibits children and minors access to gaming sites.
not to leave the computer unattended whilst you are logged in.
never give your credit card or bank account details to minors.
to report minors under 18 (or anyone that does not have legal capacity and is under your jurisdiction) that have registered with us. In this case please contact immediately.

For the majority, gambling is an interesting and varied form of recreational activity. While most people play for fun and within their financial limits, the pathological gambler is under constant pressure to gamble. This behaviour most often leads to financial and family problems. To keep a check on this we use a system that controls the players and which tries to recognize the initial signs of a gambling problem.

To reduce your own personal risk, it is important to be aware of this potential danger and to take the following into consideration:

· Gambling should be seen as a type of entertainment and not a way to earn money.
· Set yourself limits.
· Use amounts that you can afford to lose.
· Do not play if under the influence of alcohol or medication.
· Do not play if you are in a depressed state of mind.
· If you need a break from gambling, then use our temporary self exclusion option.

Help for Players
The following options have been set up to help our customers play responsibly:

Setting own pay-in limits
You can set your own pay-in limit and control how much goes into your account over a set time period.

Self exclusion option
This option protects customers that wish to exclude themselves for a certain time period or indefinitely. This means that you cannot log in
during your set time period. But once this is over, you can automatically log in and play again.

Help for family members
A pathological gambler causes stress and problems for family members. The following signs should be taken seriously and may indicate
the start of gambling addiction:

- Conflicts in the relationship
- Conflicts at work
- Isolation
- Increasing debt

Family members who are affected by gambling addiction can find help with GamAnon (GAMblers ANONymous Family Groups). The GamAnon Family Groups are a world wide community of family members and friends of addicts.  They meet regularly to exchange experiences and try and find solutions to their problems.